Personal Coaching

Training one to one with Glenn, Your training will be individually designed specially for your current body type and training goals. Each plan will be adjusted to your needs throughout the time you are with him. Glenn will use industry recognised methods to monitor body composition to be able to adjust each workout and nutrition plan.

Online Coaching

Glenn understands that cost can be a deciding factor for an individual when deciding to choose a coach, for this reason Glenn offers online coaching.
This service is offered for clients with a little more experience in the gym.

  • Weekly Check ins Monitoring Progress (depending on goal, measurements, weight , progress pictures)
  • Email Support and a social media support
  • Weekly Training Plans, specific for your Goal
  • Bespoke coaching for your goal whether Bulk/Lean Bulk/Cutting/Fat loss
  • Cardio program(If needed).
  • Discount on Face to Face PT Sessions.
  • Recommendation for Supplements.
  • Hydration/Sleep and general health
  • Food Advisor List Do's and Don'ts.
  • Your Nutrition Plan.
  • Re-feed/ Cheat Meal Protocols.